Welcome to your sponsorship page

This page contains a list of sponsors that have been added by creating affiliates with a type of Sponsor. The Affiliate section allows you to add 3 levels of Sponsor. These levels help to order and group your sponsors into lists which can then be used on various areas of the system. To add an Affiliate, simply go to the administration dashboard and click 'Affiliate' in the create content area. Alternatively you can edit sponsors by going to the 'content' link and searching for the 'Affiliate' type. This will allow you access to publish, unpublish and review your affiliates.

Editing the page

You can edit this page by simply clicking 'Edit' on the control area, or going to Admin and clicking 'Content' on the menu. Search for 'Page' and you will find the Sponsors page listed. Here you can publish, edit and review the page.